Self Care Solutions for Small Business Owners and Busy Professionals

You have pain.....much of it from the wear and tear of life's activities....its chronic! Waking up in the morning without that neck pain or a headache is a rare occurrence. 

You've learned how to live with the constant pain...but if you were truly being honest with yourself it RULES your life.

While you may not be aware of plan your day around the pain and it prevents you from being fully active in your life. 

You are ready to wake up energized and pain and headache-free. You are ready to go run that marathon or hike that trail, You are ready to enjoy all of your favorite activities pain free !

I can help you find relief from that physical pain that seems to have taken root in your body. I can help you create that space to help you feel much more aware, focused, energized and alive. I can help you remove the blocks from your daily stress so you can hit the "reset" button and restore. 

If you are ready to kick pain to the curb, call now to schedule your first massage and receive $10 off your very first visit. Mobile / Office : 860.478.7614

"Hands that Heal is the best hidden small business gem in Rocky Hill CT. By getting massage with Cheri, you are not only supporting a small business and the Rocky Hill community ...but most importantly you are doing something for YOU ! Cheri is not "just " a massage therapist, her wisdom and knowledge of holistic practice is remarkable. Her intuitiveness and connection to the universe, her selfless expression of gratitude...that is what makes Hands that Heal Massage Therapy the only place around that truly gives you a full holistic massage experience. Cheri "gets" it, she is absolutely deserving of the highest star rating and has a lifelong customer out of me."

~ Sarah M, Glastonbury, CT

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