Meet Cheri 


" I have to confess; I was a Groupon massage-deals junkie...up until my first massage with Cheri. From my first session, I just knew my groupon days were over! She provides an environment conducive to my perfect massage; warm, welcoming, clean, comfy sheets, relaxing music and aromatically pleasing. My monthly visits with Cheri are like a whole mind/body "reset" , from which I leave feeling refreshed and relaxed ready to take on the world again. If you are feeling  stressed, experiencing pain, not sleeping, have me you will benefit after your very first session. " Melanie C, Wethersfield

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Life is about Movement 

I value being active and being in life.... and have been someone on the move ever since I can remember.  I've always had huge goals for fitness ... with those BIG goals and accomplishments came the aches, pains and injuries associated with it. It was at this point I began to take great interest in the body, the human anatomy and physiology and began learning how to use massage and bodywork to keep myself active in doing what I love.


Early in my career as a business executive and single mom I struggled to stay balanced and focused.  I often was overwhelmed, spread thin, and stressed. Physically, I experienced chronic neck and shoulder pain, and migraine headaches, I started to feel that pain at the base of my neck that creeps up over your head. I felt like I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. I knew taking care of myself should be a priority but I struggled to show up for myself. 

Sound Familiar? 

I completely understand the pain of constriction and freedom of movement through massage and I've became committed to helping others in this way. 

It was that interest in movement and freedom from that constriction that ultimately led me to a massage career. I attended one of the top schools in the country for massage, and graduated with high honors distinction from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Newington CT in 2009. I opened Hands that Heal Massage Therapy in late 2009. I am a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association  and Board certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and I am a heart centered, dedicated and professional practitioner providing compassionate care to assist clients on their journey to wellness. 

When I first entered the massage field, I was ready to give a great massage. I knew my way around physical anatomy, every muscle, every insertion, and every bony attachment.  I had perfected several flawless massage routines, I was ready. With each session, I heard about my client’s pain, their anxiety, I could feel the burdens that the daily stress on their bodies through my hands, I supported my clients as the spoke about their worries and grief.  It was clear that by releasing muscle tension, I was able to access and decrease the emotional component connected to it. I signed up for massage school to learn how to give massages and walked away finding a true purpose and calling.  I developed an interest to help people by reducing their physical stress and bringing awareness to the habits and patterns in their life that were causing them stress to begin with.


Some of my specialties include Acupressure (shiatsu ), Deep Tissue, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and Prenatal massage.

Let me be a self-care advocate on the table, let me help you find peace of mind and some “time-out” for yourself.  I want to support you on being your happiest healthiest self!


My commitment is to help you connect to movement in your body...and movement in your life, my treatments are specifically designed to help you create that sense of movement, and that sense of freedom for a healthier body at any stage of life.

Care to "check out " for an hour ?'ve certainly come to the right place ! Many of the  Massage modalities I practice are non-traditional healing therapies which compliment conventional medicine. All of the work I do is designed to work with clients to help facilitate well-being and good health. 

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