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    Ingredients in PowerStrips

    PowerStrips™ contain germanium -- an element with optical properties that conducts heat, much the same as a glass prism conducts white light.  Germanium bends heat from the body and the environment back toward the area where the PowerStrip is applied.

    Germanium also breaks the heat into component parts, just as a prism separates which light into the colors of the spectrum.  It's the "long wave" component of heat that's most beneficial for pain relief.  As long wave heat penetrates affected parts of the body (up to 10 centimeters as demonstrated by infrared photography), it causes blood vessels in the area to dilate, increasing blood flow and natural warmth.  This dilation works in combination with other complementary biochemical and neurological processes that contribute to pain relief while the PowerStrip is in place.

    PowerStrips™  also utilize a water soluble adhesive making daily use easy and comfortable because it is gentle to the skin.

    Provides Temporary Relief

    Give your body the extra love it needs by making PowerStrips a solution to your regular pain-management needs. PowerStrips provide temporary relief of pains associated with muscle soreness, achy joints, common back and body aches, stiffness and sprains.

    All Natural Pain Management

    Natural elements such as germanium, marine phytoplankton and red ginseng go into the making of PowerStrips to help provide optimum temporary relief of your common ailments. These help to redirect the body’s natural heat and energy onto the areas of the body to which PowerStrips are applied. An all-natural adhesive layer also makes PowerStrips safe for daily use.

    Class 1 Medical Device

    FGXPress PowerStrips™ are the first-of-their-kind pain management strips sold anywhere in the world.  PowerStrips™ are doctor formulated.


    PowerStrips™ are a Class 1 medical device uniquely designed to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

    Featuring a fusion of modern technology and ancient energies, PowerStrips provide effective pain-relieving results to areas of the body that are in need of a little extra love.

    PowerStrips™ are a patented fusion of modern energy and ancient herbs. They help provide you with the "power to move!"

    The outer layer contains elemental germanium, and the inner layer consists of a proprietary blend of fermented Korean red ginseng, Alpha3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton, and a petroleum-free, water-soluble adhesive for safe for daily use.

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    FGXPress SolarStrips™


    SolarStrips™ provide a breathtakingly refreshing look at nutrition. The strips are designed to dissolve on your tongue for maximum absorption. 

    They contain an impressive 37.5 milligrams of Alpha3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton which is packed into each breath-freshening strip.
    Alpha3 CMP™ Marine Phytoplankton

    Marine phytoplankton are microscopic plants that thrive in the Earth’s oceans, promoting the life and energy of the planet. Also known as nature’s super food, marine phytoplankton boast a nutrition profile that is unmatched by any other known naturally-occurring food source.

    So what's Alpha3 CMP™ Marine Phytoplankton?

    ForeverGreen and FGXpress brings you the purest and most proprietary blend of marine phytoplankton available in their Alpha3 CMP™ products. They maintain an exclusive relationship with a sea farm in the pacific northwest known for being the first to successfully grow and harvest marine phytoplankton in its truest, most complex form.

    SolarStrips are a great-tasting convenient nutritional boost. Enjoy and share abundantly!


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    Highest form of nutrition on the planet...period. 
    For ages 8 to 98

    Inflammation is the body's first defense against infection, but when it goes awry, it can lead to heart attacks, colon cancer, Alzheimer's and a host of other diseases.Time Magazine called Inflamation “The Silent Killer” and is the cause of many major diseases and health issues. Prodigy-5 contains a number of ingredients that are known to drastically reduce inflammation in the body. In particular, research shows that phytoplankton and curcumin are both incredible at combating inflammation and therefore greatly improving many aspects of health. When you add all the Prodigy-5 ingredients together with the new patent-pending, TransArmor Bio-enhancing Technology you get a product with maximum absorption that can fight inflammation at the highest level (studies show that when using our TransArmor technology, curcumin’s absorption in the body increases by 2000%).


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